Our history

For over 100 years,
Roger Pradier® has lit up the outdoor spaces of our everyday life with consistency and passion.
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Birth of Jean Pradier in Dordogne, France
Jean Pradier carries out the trade of tinsmith and sheet metal worker
Creation of the Belleville workshop, 20th arrondissement in Paris
Creation of the JEAN PRADIER workshop

Creation of JEAN PRADIER & SES FILS (and sons)

Eugène Camille Pradier known as Roger gradually takes over the company


Installation of the Saint-Maur factory, near Châteauroux in the Indre department

Eugène Camille transfers management to his son Roger Pradier
Taken over by Christian Lombardet
Obtained the “Living Heritage Company” label
Taken over by Tristan De Witte

Opening of the Office - Showroom

12, rue Lamartime, 75009 Paris
Jean Pradier in the Belleville workshop
Tristan De Witte - CEO
The Roger Pradier® team - 2017
Our values
Light is an infinite source of inspiration

Playing with light is understanding shadow, contrast, diffusion, and therefore creating the possibility of unique aesthetics. By observing its effects on natural or urban elements, light helps to better control volumes and proportions. Playing with light means opening up a playing field on a worldwide scale.

Lighting up and accompanying life

Our products were created to showcase life: to evolve in all circumstances, to bring together or take distance, diminish or magnify. To do this, one must be attentive, curious, visionary, interested and capture in order to enchant the space.

Excellence is the ultimate quest

Rendering remarkable aesthetics – a blend of tradition and modernity – high-performance features and a credible long-term guarantee. This triad of excellence is only possible if based on a threefold expectation: unrivalled know-how, high quality manufacture and a creative obsession.

Our know-how

Unique expertise in metalwork: aluminium and
its 25-year anti-corrosion warranty, stainless steel, copper, brass and others...

Expert knowledge in all the manufacturing processes: spinning, bending,
drawing and folding, surface finishing, assembly, quality control.

An innovative research and design department for whom rain,
hail or shine all play a role in stimulating creation.

Powder coating

Powder coating processes are non-polluting application methods for coating and protecting metallic holders. The paint comes in the form of a thermoplastic resin powder applied by electrostatic projection.
The part is then placed in an oven at 180° C which leads to the fusion and polymerisation of the thermoset powder.

Metal spinning

Metal spinning on a block is a plastic deformation process of a sheet of circular metal known as a blank.

The operator applies force and a circular movement to progressively deform the blank on the mandrel.


Bending is a mechanical process to deform a tube or bar following a radius and an angle with a tube bender.

Spot welding
Stamping and folding
Surface treatment
Research and Design office